Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wallbreaker howto update

Quick update on the wallbreaker.  First, I was having trouble with the line sticking to the eyebolts using monofilament. Several people suggested I try spiderwire, so I picked some 20lb spiderwire twine, and it worked great.  Nice smooth motion, no need to apply oil (though there was probably some residual on the eyebolts).  I ran it for 9 hours Friday without a hitch, this is the verion built for the how-to using the A/C vent motor.

Thanks to building 3 kits today, and feedback from Erebus over at HauntForum, the how-to has been updated with several fixes and improvements, including the use of pulleys for the torso movement.  If you plan on using it I suggest you dowload the latest, which is always available on the top right of this blog.

Below is a quick video of the wallbreaker built with the how-to (minus the hands and foam skull), including the pulleys on the torso movement.

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  1. Wow, looking good. Love the movement. Looking forward to seeing its progress. Thanks for sharing.