Ghost Kits for Sale

Johnnys Wallbreaker Ghost kits no longer for sale

At this time Johnnys Wallbreaker kits are no longer for sale, and I am no longer doing commission work.  The Wallbreaker is described here.  The complete kit will provide the parts necessary to construct the mechanism that animates the ghost as shown in the video below, minus the head and hands.  Each kit is hand made when ordered.  Please read the following conditions carefully prior to purchasing one of these kits.

All kits are guaranteed to be free of defects, and I will replace any missing or incorrect parts, or parts that arrive damaged free of charge.  I will also answer questions when possible.  These kits require you to carefully follow instructions and require the use of wood working tools and wood glue.  It is suggested that you have some experience assembling moderately complex assemblies.   Due to the fact that these kits cannot be repackaged once assembly has been started, and that the success of building these kits is highly dependent on the capabilities of the person performing the assembly, NO refunds will be provided for kits once you have begun assembly.  Refunds less the cost for shipping will be provided for kits that are returned with all parts present, and no parts assembled.

Johnnys Wallbreaker ghost are intended for use as home decorations, and are not intended for use in professional or commercial applications.  The mechanism as provided will not operate properly if too much weight is added to the torso,head or arms.  It will be up to you to add head, hands, and cheese cloth to complete the ghost.  It will be necessary to take steps to keep these additions light weight and free from the moving parts.  Some ideas and details on how I did this will be available on the blog

The following kits and prices are available. All prices include shipping in the continental U.S., and are subject to change. I accept PayPal.  Contact me at with any questions, and arrange to purchase a kit, including shipping outside the continental U.S. I will need to know your shipping address, which kit you want, and your email so I can send a PayPal request.
Blocks only kit - $35:  This kit will provide blocks #1-#19 as described in the how-to.  All blocks will be pre-drilled and marked, ready for assembly.

Wood kit - $60:  This kit will include all plywood, 2x4s A-D, 1x4s E-G, blocks #1-#19, and dowels D1-D18 as described in the how-to.  All pieces will be pre-drilled and marked.

Complete Kit - $80: This kit will include all parts in the wood kit, and all hardware described in the how-to, including Spiderwire and a TRW 58024E motor.