Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cloaked Wallbreaker

Trying to get a little earlier start this year, and it is time for some new ghosts.  What better way to start then to rehabilitate a wallbreaker.  I always thought it was a shame that I built the wall breaker, made the plans, built and sold kits, and then sold the one wall breaker I had.  Last Halloween, a friend who built one of the first wallbreaker kits gave me it back, after it had fallen and broken.  It was fairly easy to repair.  I reused all the forms after stripping most of the old cheese cloth off.  Some trimming and adjusting, and then it was time to dress it out in cheese cloth.  I have been into cloaked ghosts lately, so I decided to make this a cloaked ghost also.


  1. Hey Johnny, it's been way too long! Remember the old 5rmp motors with the black casings? Guess what I found ;-) if you are on facebook, hit me up ( David Schilling, or on The Shadow Farm)

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  3. Hi John I just love your work! Keep them coming :)