Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey everyone. I found out someone needed the templates for the wallbreaker, so I have made the template document available under how-tos. I think I have about 1 more month of house remodeling left in me. Already told wife that I want to build some ghosts. I figure I will have September and October to break in the new shop, which is a small 1 car garage that was added to the original 2 car garage. I finally have my own shop! First will be a new cloaked ghost. I want to add to the FCG idea by linking at least the hands and head to the arms, so I get some additional movement in addition to the typical 3 line marionette. Second will be the third version of the leer ghost. For this one I will try to get away from using lines, and I am adding a pivot point at the base of the torso. The ghost will use 2 motors, 1 to raise and lower the body at the new pivot point, and 1 to drive the original head and arm movement from the last one.