Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cloaked Wallbreaker Build

Adding this post so the build videos for building the cloaked wallbreaker are available.

This video shows the repaired wallbreaker I got from a friend.  Next steps are to rebuild and mount the forms

Here is the wallbreaker operating with the forms attached, and the base layer of cheese cloth attached.  I like to attach small pieces with fabric stiffener, leaving plenty of voids.  This adds depth to the ghost when additional cheese cloth is added.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

Finally getting caught up on the blog.  Halloween saw a big jump in TOTs this year, and I was also able to get a lot more set up than I have in recent years.  Hopefully these trends continue.  New this year are more fencing across the front, the 9 old men tombstones are complete, and 2 new ghosts. There was a pretty steady breeze Halloween night that killed the fog, and at times enhanced and challenged the ghosts.  Hope you like!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cloaked Leer Ghost

Continuing the trend of cloaked ghosts, the latest is a cloaked leer ghost.

The difference in this version is that there are no strings, pulleys or eye-bolts. Instead, I used direct linkages for all the movements, which should prove much more reliable.  The pictures below show the internals, followed by some videos with the linkages in action.

The reason the neck (the dowel sticking out to the right in the picture above) is not directly attached to the crank arm like the arms is to provide some counter weight.  When the weight of the head is pulling the neck down, this will be helping push the arms up.  Like wise, the weight of the arms when they are raised will help raise the head.

Before next Halloween, I am going to add bushings to the pivot points, as they tend to start squeaking after a while.  Also, I realize the positioning of the arms was very unnatural when I was trying to mimic it. Now I realize why this leer ghost, and the prior one had such an insect/praying mantis feel to it.

Below is the video of the final Leer Ghost, followed by a series of videos that show how it was built.

Final Leer Ghost

Leer Ghost build part 1

Leer Ghost build part 2

Leer Ghost build part 3

Leer Ghost build part 4

Leer Ghost build part 1