Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cloaked Ghost WIP part 1

I finally got started on a new ghost. This will be another version of the cloaked ghost. The original cloaked ghost is a product of Pumpkinrot..
Grim came up with his own version...
My ghost will be modeled after Grim's version. What I really like about Grim's version is the way the void in the hood opens into the body of the ghost. The animated cloaked ghost will have 3 movements. The head will look back and forth. The right hand will hold a lantern, and it will extend the lantern out as it keeps watch over all TOT walking by. Finally, the left hand will point at the TOTs as they walk by, slowly moving back and forth as if pointing to each TOT. The video below shows the armature with the basic movement done... Next steps will be completing the hands and arms with mache, and forming the hood. The ghost will use RIT treated cheese cloth; the challenge will be to recreate the void as in Grim's ghost with the UV reactive cloth.


  1. Man just when I am finishing up my wallbreaker and leer ghost you post this! There is just not enough time to build this too lol. It looks great can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Your mechanics are amazing. I'm just finally breaking into putting some movement into my haunt. I'll be taking quite a few notes from your creations :)