Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to build a cheese cloth ghost sculpt.
  • Go by Michaels and pick up some Stiffy( ).
  • I get cheese cloth in the package at WallMart or Home Depot.
  • RIT brightner and whitener ( I find mine at Publix.
  • Something to use as a form for the head; I use the plastic skulls that were available at Kmart last year.
  • Release agent, I use motor oil.
  • 3/8” and 1/8” wooden dowels, scrap wood
  • Flat black spray paint.
  • Newspaper and duct tape.

    I can provide the basic directions I follow, a lot of the technique is in how you form the cheese cloth as you apply the Stiffy. I suggest you experiment with different techniques and find what works for you. For example you can dip the cheese cloth in the Stiffy, wring it out then apply. You can also place the cheese cloth then paint the stiffy on with a brush.

    Mix the RIT in some water, soak the cheese cloth for a while, then remove and let dry.

    Rub some motor oil on the skull, making sure to remove any excess. Use the Stiffy and cheese cloth to cast the skull. I will cast the front of the skull, let that dry and remove it. Then I will cast the rear of the skull so it will overlap the front section some. Once both are finished I glue them together with Elmer’s glue.

    Build a frame with the wooden dowels that will support the skull at the top, sides, back, nose and jaw. Ignore the wire in the frame picture below, that was an idea that did not work.

If you want to build a bust, form some shoulders dowels, newspaper and duct tape. Paint it flat black. When the frame is done, form the neck and shoulders with more Stiffy and cheese cloth.

Then attach the head to the frame with elmer’s glue. I use black cardboard behind the eyes and nose so they will be black in the UV light.

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  1. Great effect and technique for creating a ghost head. Love your leer ghost also!